Alanya, 28 Best Things To Do (Epic City Tour Guide)

Alanya was once a sleepy fisherman village. Now Alanya has transformed into a popular tourist destination with fantastic sandy beaches, warm seawater, tourists resorts & hotels, and many tourists attractions. We have visited twice. Hopefully, we can share pieces of helpful information about Alanya and its surroundings, so you can feel the city's vibe as we did it.
View over Alanya Kleopatra beach and the city from the castle

Alanya, 28 Best Things To Do (Epic City Tour Guide)

Alanya was once a sleepy fisherman village. Now Alanya has transformed into a popular tourist destination with fantastic sandy beaches, warm seawater, tourists resorts & hotels, and many tourists attractions. We have visited twice. Hopefully, we can share pieces of helpful information about Alanya and its surroundings, so you can feel the city's vibe as we did it.

28 Things To Do In Alanya

Alanya Kalesi (Alanya Castle & Citadel)

Immediately, when one arrives in Alanya, the most noticeable landmark is the hilltop and peninsula in the middle of the city. On this hard-to-reach and harsh terrain, the Alanya castle lies.

View over Alanya from Seyir Terasi

The best view of Alanya, its beaches, fantastic sunsets & sunrises are from the top of the castle.

View over Alanya Kleopatra beach and the city from the castle

How To Reach Alanya Kalesi (Alanya Castle)

There are many means of transport to reach this Mediterranean Sea pearl of beauty.

Bus: Dolmush bus (line 4) drives up to the top.

Taxi: A taxi is probably the most expensive option to reach easy and fast the top.

Foot: It takes some time, but it is a nice hike. Probably the best option for exploring, meeting locals, treating yourself to eating local food, or just enjoying flora & fauna.

Cable Car: The latest attraction in Alanya is a cable car that drives from the west side close to Ataturk Park up to the foot of Ehmedek fortress.

Alanya Cable Car in Turkey.

Boat (gulet): This is more around the castle from sea level rather than reaching the castle itself. We have described our Turkish gulet trip in Alanya in more detail

Traditional Turkish gulet boat in Alanya port

When Is The Best Time To Visit Alanya Castle

Sunsets are fantastic from Alanya Castle. In addition, for landscape photographers, sunset is the time of the golden hour. So, we recommend late afternoon as the best option to explore Alany’s Castle and peninsula.

1 – Alanya Kalesi (Alanya Castle)

The walls of Alanya stretch 6500 meters (4 mi.) and have 140 towers. The castle consists of three major walled sectors: the outer, the middle, and the inner sectors.

We have drawn the Alany’s Castle Map so you can follow us along as we describe landmarks one by one.

Alanya Castle Attractions Mapped

The outer sector stretches up the hill, from the Red Tower to the Ehmedek fortress (castle’s north side) and the Arap Evliyasi tower (towards the castle’s south side), and finally, back down towards the sea (close by the shipyard, and armory tower) and finally the outer walls closes at their beginning following the shorelines.

Alanja Castle and Red Tower seen from the sea

It contains such representative Seljuk period buildings as the Red Tower (Kızılkule), the shipyard (Tersane), and the armory (Tophane) tower.

Alanya Castle Shipyard and Armory viewed from the sea

The best view, over the outer sector walls, is from the sea which we have experienced in our Alanya Turkish Gulets (Yachts) Cruise.

The middle sector runs between the wall of the Arap Evliyasi Tower and the citadel (İçkale). In the (middle) sector is the Ehmedek fortress dating from the Seljuk period, the Suleimanin Mosque from the Ottoman period, and the Byzantine chapel known as Arap Evliyasi.

The inner sector is the citadel (İçkale) or the inner castle.

Many gates and doorways of different sizes allow entrance into the above-described castle sectors.

2 – The Inner Castle or The Citadel (İçkale)

The citadel location is on the highest point of the peninsula. It was the last refuge (Americans would say “The Alamo”) and a strong point for the entire castle.

There is an entrance fee, but it is worth the money due to the fantastic views over the city, educational, and historical reasons.

The Inner Alanya Castle or The Citadel (İçkale) with Turkish flag View over Alanya from the Castle through the window in the wall.

The Inner Alanya Castle or The Citadel (İçkale) with Turkish flag

3 – Byzantine Church (Bizans Kilisesi)

As soon as we entered the Citadel (İçkale), we saw an 11th-century Byzantine Church. The church certainly has seen better days, but the dome is still holding, and the structural shape is recognizable.

Byzantine Church in Alanya Castle

Plan your visit to the castle in the afternoon and during the sunset, you will have a nice blue sky, green vegetation, red ground, and orange colors in your photos.

Byzantine Church in Alanya Castle

4 – Ehmedek Fortress

Ehmedek is the north fortress of Alanya Castle, whose purpose was to prevent attacks from the land side. It consists of two separate sections with three towers each.

We see the outer walls of the Alanya Castle at the bottom and within are remains of the Ehmedek Fortress (just above the red-roof house).

Ehmedek Fortress in Alanya

5 – Suleiman Mosque

In the first half of the 13th Century, Seljuq Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay Qubadh financed the construction of this mosque. However, the lightning strike destroyed the mosque. Suleiman the Magnificient rebuilt it using old materials. The mosque dates to the 16th Century.

It is on the north side close to Ehmedek fortress.

Suleiman Mosque in Alanya

The cube structure with a hemispherical dome on top and the narthex form the dominant place of the mosque.

The narthex has three cross arches on the side and three small domes on the top. A minaret is on the northwest corner of the mosque.

Bricks and square stones are construction materials for the walls. However, only the bricks were construction materials for the domes.

Ehmdek and Suleiman Mosque in Alanya view from citadel

In the photo above, we can see the outer Alanya castle walls at the bottom. Suleiman Mosque is on the middle right side. Ehmedek fortress is on the middle left side. This is the view from The Citadel (İçkale).

6 – Arabic Saint Chapel (Arap Evliyasi)

Another name for this chapel is Ayayorgi Church (Hagios Georgios), dating from the Hellenistic period. Stone is the predominant material for building this chapel.

Arabic Saint Chapel (Arap Evliyasi) in the Alanya Castle

Next to it is a tower and one of the entries into the middle section of the castle.

Alanya Castle Tower near Arabic Saint Chapel (Arap Evliyasi)

7 – Darphane & Monastery (Cilvarda Cape)

The Cilvarda Cape (Cilvarda Burnu) is the southwest tip of the peninsula. It consists of cliffs stretching up to 400 meters (1312 ft.). The Citadel (İçkale) is the best spot to overview the cape and the structures from the peninsula.

View over Cilvarda Cape from Alanya Citadel

However, the better view and the closer look is from the sea when boats or gulets (yachts) approach the cape. It is close to Lovers Cave described later.

Civarda Cape and Alanya castle

“The mint” (Darphane) is a popular name among the people for it. There are several structures on the cape.

The 11th-century structure is a small church, and the other is most likely a monastery. The dome of the small church is still standing.

View over Cilvarda Cape from Alanya Citadel

Visit Alanya’s Landmark

8 – Kızılkule (Alanya Red Tower)

Red Tower represents Seljuq’s medieval 13th-century military well-preserved architecture. Seljuq Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay Qubadh hired well-established architect Ebu Ali Reha from Aleppo, Syria, to complete the building in 1226.

Red Tower (Kızılkule) port from the castle view

The tower base has an octagonal shape. It is 33m (108 ft) high and 12.5m (41 ft) wide. The tower has a plain exterior. However, the interior plan is rather complex. It has five floors: ground floor, first floor, mezzanine (intermediate floor), open floor, and open terrace.

The Red Tower’s name is due to the red brick materials used in its construction.

Red Tower viewed from the castle

The military purpose of the tower was to protect the port, shipyard (Tersane), and Alanya Castle against attacks from the sea.

Now is the home for the Ethnographic Museum of Alanya inside the tower.

Shipyard (Tersane) & Armory (Tophane) Tower

9 – Shipyard (Tersane)

Alanya shipyard was the first shipyard of the Seljuqs in the Mediterranean Sea and made them maritime strong in the region. Seljuq Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay Qubadh completed the shipyard in the year and finished in 1228. He became a “Sultan of two seas” with Alanya shipyard since he previously built Sinop Shipyard in the Black Sea.

Alanya Castle Shipyard and Armory viewed from the sea

The shipyard consists of five arched-shaped half-tubes (cells). Each of them is 7.7m (25 ft) wide, the longest is 43m (141 ft), and the shortest is 32m (105 ft).

The shipyard’s location is important to get the most out of daylight. There are openings on the shipyard’s roof, which provide light inside the cells and allow smoke to go outside. There was a well in the third cell, which provided fresh water.

Alanya shipyard (Tersane) close look from the sea.

Shipbuilding and repairing were not the only use of the shipyard, but also for producing sails and other ship equipment.

The shipyard can be accessed by the sea (providing one takes a boat or Gulet Yacht tours) or by walking the narrow streets and the wall from the Red Tower. It is free of charge.

10 – Armory (Tophane) Tower

Adjacent to the Shipyard is Armory (Tophane) tower. The stone tower is on a 10m (32,8 ft) high rock. Both Kızılkule (Red Tower) and Armory (Tophane) towers protected the shipyard against sea invaders. The cannons were the main weaponry inside the Tophane tower.

Alanya Armory Tower (Tophane) view from the sea.

Other Activities Within Alanya Castle

11 – Domestic Architecture from the 19th and 20th Century

The top of the castle has many examples of urban civil and religious architecture with mosques, churches, cisterns, market buildings, baths, etc.

On the slopes are typical old Turkish houses with protruded upper floors.

Domestic Architecture within Alanya Castle

12 – Busy Life and other Treats

Besides its rich history, it is an opportunity to notice people living and working within the castle. At the Citadele entrance is a typical Turkish Bazar that offers shopping. However, small shops and businesses on the way up were more interesting, selling different goods. Some were selling painted, colorful, butternut squash crafts.

Painted colorful butternut squash crafts on the shelves.

Others were selling knitted wool socks in different designs and every color you imagine or colorful Turkish fez shape hats.

Knitted wool socks in different designs and colors with Turkish fez shape hats

If one is hungry, there are small street food places with traditional Turkish food. Gozleme is very popular, and it is a flatbread stuffed with spinach and feta or a lamb version for meat lovers. One can watch how skillful Turkish women make food right away in front of the customer.

Turkish women makes Gozleme dish in Alanya

We like to mention rich and lively flora & fauna. Guinea Fowl diligently looked for insects and seeds in the ground. The beautiful birds have black plumage with dense white spots and featherless whiteheads with saturated red marks.

Guinea Fowl birds eat the insects and seeds in the ground

Many conifers, lemon, lime, and cactus trees were along the way. The wines made a shade, and the ripe grapes looked fantastic.

Cactus tree with fruit Cactus tree

Cactus tree with fruit

Alanya Beaches

Alanya is so south in the Mediterranean that the sand is hot, and the water is warm and pleasant, so it is stress-free to enter and swim.

13 – Kleopatra Plajı (Kleopatra Beach)

On our second visit to Alanya, we had a hotel on Kleopatra Beach west of the peninsula and nearby the city center. It is fantastic sand, but very hot. Lots of showers, beach bars, and sun loungers available for rent are the beach facilities.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

View over Alanya Kleopatra beach and the city from the castle

However, it can be very crowded and buzzy with many rental adrenalin options such as bananas, boats with parachutes, rented kayaks, boats, gullets (yachts), etc.

Kleopatra Beach with people laying on the beach and blue gummy boat.

14 – Damlataş Plajı (Damlataş Beach)

Damlataş Beach is on Alany’s west side as Kleopatra Beach is, but closer to the peninsula and the famous Damlataş Cave that we will describe shortly.

There are plenty of sun loungers to rent, showers, and easy access to the sea for the disabled. It is not just for swimming but also diving and snorkeling along the peninsula rocks.

Damlatas Beach view from the Alanya castle Damlatas Beach view from the Alanya castle

Damlatas Beach view from the Alanya castle

15 – Alanya Belediyesi Halk Plajı (Alanya Municipality Public Beach)

It is a public municipality beach on the east side of the city close to the port where all gullets (yachts) wait for adventurous tourists to board.

It provides umbrella-shaded sun loungers for free. Unsurprisingly, they run out very fast in the summer. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby for a quick recharge.

Alanya Municipality Public Beach marked on the image

Remember that on this beach, you are close to the port with many yachts and most of them running on diesel engines.

16 – Portakal Plajı (Portakal Beach)

On our first visit to Alanya, we stayed at a hotel in Portakal Beach. It is a long sandy beach (mixed with pebbles) on the east side. It is a lot less crowded than the west side beaches, so we could peacefully enjoy the seascapes. We still remember that this was the first beach with warm water that was stress-free to enter, even in September.

We had sun loungers provided by the hotel. There was a sand volleyball court nearby. For more adventurous, a wide range of water sports, including jet-skiing, windsurfing, and paragliding, are available for rent.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Portakal Beach and Alanya castle in the background

17 – Tosmur Plaji (Tosmur Beach)

Tosmur Beach is where the nearby Dimçayı River and the Mediterranean Sea meet, mixing the warm salt water with cold freshwater. We have not been personally to this beach, but we have visited the Dimçayı River.

Cruise Around Alanya Peninsula

18 – Turkish Gulet (Yacht) Cruise

Gulets are traditional Turkish wooden vessels. It is a popular option to tour around the Alanya peninsula and have a sea perspective of the Alanya castle.

Traditional Turkish gulet boat

The cruise starts in the east Alanya port near Red Tower. The gullets cruise around the peninsula and stop at several locations on the way. The usual stops are around the Shipyard (Tersane), Armory Tower (Tophane), Cilvarda Cape, Lovers, and Phosphorous caves.

Cruise is not just for those who want to see Alanya from the sea. Those who love to jump in the water for quick swims. The adventurous explorers of secret caves or sunbathing lovers will be pleased. It was an exciting half-day of outdoor enjoyment.

South side of Alanya castle from the sea

Lunch is at the west Alanya port. However, do not expect too much from the lunch. It is usually some grille meat or fish and cheap wine, juices, etc.

Here is the map of our Turkish Gulet Alanya Cruise Voyage. For more info read the article with the above link.

Alanya Turkish Gulet Voyage Map

Alanya Caves

Around the peninsula, inside the mountain and rocks, there are many caves, and let us mention a few: Pirate (Kızlaryarığı), Phosphorous, Lovers, and Damlataş caves.

19 – Lovers cave

Lovers Cave is in the southwest part of the peninsula. Usually, gullet yachts stop there, and curios volunteers jump into the water, swim under the cave entrance, climb up to the cave’s entrance, enter the cave, go deep into the cave, and suddenly emerge on the other side of the peninsula. The bravest adventures jump off the cliff into the water.

Lovers Cave in Alanya seen from the boat

20 – Damlataş cave

Damlataş Cave is the most famous and the biggest one. The construction of the nearby port needed materials. During stone rock excavations, workers discovered the cave in 1948. It is a fantastic place to be and cool down after a hot summer day on the beach since inside the cave is a constant temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 F).

Damlatas cave in Alanya, Turkey.

Visit Dimçayı

21 – Dimçayı River

Dimçayı River flows into the Mediterranean Sea on the southern outskirts of Alanya city. The big dam divides the river some 9 km (5,6 mi.) upstream. The upper part above the dam is wide and looks like a lake.

However, the bottom part is more like a stream and looks suitable for rafting, kayaking, and similar water sport. Turkish business and tourist officials decided differently. Instead, they have built many picnic areas for relaxing on the river banks or just above the water’s surface.

Picnic area on Dimcay river

It is an alternative way to cool down from the buzz and hot sandy beaches and the salty sea relaxation.

Each picnic has separated booths for seating. It is built of wood and metal with sunshades on umbrellas on the top.

Some booths are on the wooden bridges built across the river. Other booths are separate units fastened to the river bottom.

Picnic booths fastened to river bottom with sunshades on Dimcay river

Some are floating rafts built on barrels and tight with ropes to the river banks. At least one picnic has a gallery of these booths built on the mountainside.

Many picnics provide fishing in the river, water tubes, water slides, or Tarzan ropes to jump in the water.

Picnic gallery with booths built on the mountainside at Dimcay River

22 – Anadolu Köyü Restaurant Dimçayı Alanya

This restaurant left the strongest impression on us due to its interior design.

Anadolu Köyü Restaurant Dimçayı Alanya

One can see many old tools used by different craftsmen in the past. Typical low-level Turkish seating areas for the guests are available.

Anadolu Köyü Restaurant Dimçayı Alanya

Inside buildings mimic the traditional Turkish oriental house architecture.

A typical Turkish house has two floors. The upper floor is always emphasized and protruded from the lower one.

Stone and wood are building materials for the bottom floor. The top floor uses mud and straw bricks dried in the sun as building materials.

Anadolu Köyü Restaurant Dimçayı Alanya

How to reach the Dimçayı River

Take bus number 10 from the central bus station or somewhere in the Keykubat Bulevar and reach upstream of Dimçayı River. From the top, walk down and take the same bus line back to the city.

Alanya Gardens

23 – Abdurrahman Alaettinglu Park

It is on the west side of the city, nearby Cable Cars, and blue surface tennis courts.

The spot is to be for afternoon and evening refreshments and photo sessions. There is a kids’ playground next to it.

Abdurrahman Alaettinglu Park

24 – Alanya Belediyesi Kedi Park

It is on the east side of the city, nearby the Port and Municipality public beach.

Alanya Belediyesi Kedi Park

Seyir Terasi & Banana Plantation

25 – Seyir Terasi

If one wants to have a spectacular view of Alanya city, castle, and sea, probably the best location is Seyir Terasi.

Now it is easy to locate the terrace park, look for the “I love Alanya” sign on the hill, and that is the spot.

Our tourist agency had organized a tour to visit nearby banana plantations. The bus ride took us on the winding road up to the hill. The view is magnificent, don’t you think too.

View over Alanya from Seyir Terasi

The terrace has many trees to cool us down on a warm day and colorful flowers.

Flowers on Seyir Terasi in Alanya

26 – Banana Plantations

When Alanya was a small sleepy fishing village before the tourism boom, the area of today’s hotels close to the sea were banana plantations. The female heirs got those banana plantations since they were less productive due to the less fertile soil and saltiness.

On the other hand, the male heirs got these banana plantations up on the hill, which still exist.

How these lucky women profited by changing their business from nonprofitable banana plantations to tourist service.

Banana Plantations in Alanya, Turkey.

Other Activities

27 – Oriental Shopping

Shopping in Turkey is a bargaining ritual and a clever mental game.

Usually, the price starts high, but as the bargaining goes on and on, it comes to a reasonable level, eventually.

We bought a traditional Turkish coffee set. While we were bargaining, we even got the coffee made by the shop owner. It was additional confirmation about the coffee set quality.

Lots of slippers and Turkish fez hats

In another shop, while we were bargaining, we listened to a popular Eurovision song from our country. It was a special treat from the salesman.

Our impression was if we accepted the first offered price and did not bargain, the shopowners were, at least, disappointed, maybe even worse.

28 – Hamams (Spa Wellness Turkish Bath)

To visit Turkey and not to visit Hamam is almost like not visiting Turkey at all.

Many Hamam places are too small and do not offer the full extent of the experience and luxury of proper Turkish baths and traditional Hamams.

We have decided to visit Sultans Hamam at the east end of Alanya city.

One important decision was to visit it when most tourists were most likely on the beach and avoid the overcrowded Hamam.

Sultan Hammam Alanya Turkey entrance to the spa

First, we went for a peeling treatment in the steam bath. We lay on the hot stone flat surface. The personnel used the gloves to treat and rub off the old skin and prepare it for further treatments. Next, they used funny soap bags to wash off the body. It was amusing to watch their skills with these soap bags.

Turkish bath, Hamam. Wellness spa.

At the end of the treatment, the personnel offered me a piece of paper for some additional treatment, but I politely rejected it (it was a tip from the hostess not to accept). I explained that I had already booked a massage.

While waiting for my turn, I swam in several small pools, used different saunas, and laid down on the comfortable spa loungers.

Yasmin Flower

The massage was 45 minutes, and the masseuse was quite skillful with hands of gold. The massage started slow and relaxed, continued to deep massage, and finished slowly again.

To further relax the atmosphere, dimmed light is in the big room full of other guests. As the relaxation pinnacle, slow Turkish rhythm music played in the background. I guess that was giving a rhythm to the masseuse.

Alanya – Our Story

Our trip to Alanya has huge sentimental value for our family since it was the first trip all together from our new home in Norway to Turkey.

After being separated for almost one year from my wife and son while establishing ourselves in Norway, I have noticed that is not easy to be a father on the “remote control”. We have decided to strengthen our bond as a family with travel where we will be altogether the whole day, have fun, and relax.

We have been blasted with sunny days, nice beaches, Turkish hospitality, nice food, and lots of long-lasting memories.

Maybe there are others who will be in a similar situation and will find inspiration from our story.

Ice Cream

Hot sunny day on Kleopatra beach in Alanya. It is time for leisure under the sunshade after swim time. What can beat this? Well, ice cream is the secret magic wand that makes the child’s world like Disneyland.

The boy (Matija) says: “Mmmmm. Ice cream is really fantastic. Swimming for ice cream is a good deal. I enjoy both.”

Boy eat ice cream on the Kleopatra beach in Alanya Turkey

The boy (Matija) says: “Yummy. May I get another one? However, why is my mom looking at me strangely and my dad smiling at me? I am confused by my parents’ reactions. Am I a mess?”

Boy eat ice cream on the Kleopatra beach in Alanya Turkey

Boys are always boys. Boys with toys are never-ending stories.

Matija: “Dad, give me that funny toy pointed at me. Thus I can play too. Just a little bit until I figure out how your “Lego” works.”

Boy eat ice cream on the Kleopatra beach in Alanya Turkey

Matija: “Mom, Dad, I have a new idea. Let’s have fun. After this, I am getting a new treat for sure.”

Boy smiling on the Kleopatra beach in Alanya Turkey

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

His idea, surprisingly enough, was to swim in the hotel’s swimming pool. Mom, please, this is the kids’ section. However, Mom knows better. Safety in the first place, never keep the kid all by himself.

Boy swims in the swimming pool

Story continues…

Today’s lesson is to surf on these waves. Mom is the instructor.

Matija says: “Mom, but I do not want to get my swimming trunks wet while surfing?!”

Lesson learned. How the waves help bond (or maybe squeeze) mother’s and son’s love.

Boy and mom on the beach just about to enter the sea

However, the hotel’s swimming pool “waves” are more manageable, and the water is warmer. The joyride can continue.

Boy and mom swims in the pool

Matija says: “Hey Dad, I am ready for the photo shot. Where are you? I cannot see you. Daddy?!”

The daddy says: “Next to the red flower son… Smile… Too late, the shot is taken.”

Boy and mom in the park garden

When this boy runs, it drives attention, so even ladies turn around for him.

“Run Matija, run.” says Mom.

Boy runs over the wooden bridge with mom at the back in the park garden Boy in the Alanya park

Boy runs over the wooden bridge with mom at the back in the park garden

Matija says: “Mom and Dad, I have an idea for our next trip. Please, follow me…”

So, dear readers, please be ready, follow us, and come back for more epic trips with us…

Places Nearby Alanya

Here are some additional suggestions around Alanya that are worth visiting. We provide you with pieces of basic information and photos. However, please read our separate article with the link below for more detailed descriptions and impressions.

We have drawn a small map so you can get familiar with the area and get a sense of where the recommendations are located.

10 best places to visit between Antalya and Alanya on the map

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon is one hour drive south of Alanya. A fantastic option for a half-day excursion near a waterfall, wild river, and gorge.

Sapadere Canyon Waterfall in Turkey


Side is one-hour drive northwest of Alanya by following the coastline. It is a place that offers a blending of the ancient, oriental, and modern buzz of today’s tourist offer.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Side Apollon Temple Side Apollon Temple

Side Apollon Temple

Manavgat Șelalesi (Manavgat Waterfall)

Manavgat Waterfall is near and north of Side for maybe a ten to fifteen minutes drive. Unlike other waterfalls, we recommend (Kurşunlu & Düden) this one is wide but does not have a high drop as is usually expected from waterfalls.

However, that does not diminish its beauty, strength, and attractiveness.

Manavgat waterfall in Turkey

Aspendos Theater

Aspendos Theater is the best-preserved theater in Asia Minor. Romans built the theater during the period (161-180 A.D.). The famous architect of that time by the name Zeno designed the theater.

Aspendos Theater is one-hour-and-half northwest of Alanya on the same road to Side and Antalya.

Aspendos theater with bottom and upper tribunes. Above tribunes are columns with arches at the top.


Perge was an ancient city from the Hellenistic culture in the Anatolia region. It was the capital of the Pamphylia Secunda region of Ancient Greek.

Perge is almost two hours drive northwest of Alanya on the road to Antalya.

Perge Hellenistic city gate walls

View over Perge Theater and Stadion from Acropolis hill

Kurşunlu Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı (Kursunlu Waterfalls)

Kursunlu Waterfalls are in the relaxing picnic area of Tabiat Park. The thick forests and a small calm river surround the waterfalls.

Kursunlu is a two-hour drive from Alanya in the northern suburbs of Antalya.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Kursunlu Waterfalls in Turkey blue water colors

Düden Şelalesi (Duden Waterfalls)

The Upper Duden Waterfalls are in the northern part of Antalya. One moment you are in the city crowds, and the next moment you feel like you are in the rainforest.

Duden Waterfalls are a two-hour drive from Alanya to Antalya.

Upper Duden waterfalls in Antalya.

Getting Around in Alanya

The tourists come to Alanya to spend most of their time on the sandy beaches.

By foot: However, during the afternoons and nights, most tourists like to stroll the streets of Alanya.

We have already mentioned that a hike to Alanya Castle & Citadel is a nice hike to visit these places and pick up many interesting stories while walking.

Alanya Castle Wall down the slope

By public transport: Public buses in Alanya are numbered and have regular bus stops throughout the city. The bus terminal for all these buses is at Friday’s Bazaar (1113 Sokak – small street).

By dolmus (dolmuş) bus: The special treat is the smaller local buses called dolmus (dolmuş), which are less comfortable but unique and oriental.

By taxi: A taxi is always an option to move around in Alanya but not the cheapest one for sure.

How to get to Alanya

By airplane: We arrived in Turkey by airplane at the Antalya International Airport. After arrival, the run-through border and passport control were swift. Shortly after, we boarded our bus organized by the tour operator heading to the hotels and resorts in Alanya.

By tour operators bus: It was roughly two hours ride to Alanya. However, we must state that it took a while until we arrived at the hotel. The buses have to stop at many booked hotels and drop off a few tourists here and there.

In addition, the bus drivers are not Alanya’s locals, so they are not familiar with Alanya City. It depends a lot on the tourists’ guides’ orientation skills and knowledge of the city traffic and streets. So the driving time from the airport depends on when your hotel queue is.

If you want to arrange transport from or to the airport on your own, the airport facilities have modern transport options such as buses, intercity buses, trams, taxis, cars, and car rentals. Parking spaces are around all terminals, and the parking lot has over 2000 parking spaces.

View from the hill over Alanya Red Tower (Kizilkule) with the gulet boat in the port.

By intercity bus: The bus station for intercity buses in Alanya is “Otogar” across from the Hedef Kleopatra Golden Sun Hotel. It is the best way to reach other cities in Turkey (Manavgat (Side), Antalya, Konya, Ankara, etc.) from/to Alanya by bus.

By renting a car: We have rented a car to visit many attractive places around Alanya.

Where to stay in Alanya?

We visited Alanya twice, as we have already mentioned. So we can share personal experiences about these two hotels. We are sure that you will find a suitable hotel or resort in Alanya according to your budget and needs.

Parador Beach Hotel

It is a nice hotel almost on the beach. There is only one street crossing to reach Portakal Plajı (Portakal Beach) in the southeast part of Alanya. We had a great time, a nice room, delicious meals, and entertainment in the hotel.

Parador Beach Hotel Alanya building

The hotel provided sun loungers on the beach for free, a sand volleyball court nearby, and showers. This side of Alanya is less crowded compared with the Kleopatra beachside.

Azak Beach Hotel

Azak Beach Hotel was a budget hotel but upgraded after our visit. It has a fantastic location right on Kleopatra Beach. There was no need for a long walk or crossing over traffic roads to reach the beach. It was important since we were on a summer holiday with a three-year-old son, for the first time.

Azak Beach Hotel Alanya view from the balcony on the Alanya castle and Kleopatra beach

The personnel was fantastic, the room was ok but with a perfect view over Kleopatra beach, restaurant with good food, but a little less evening entertainment. We spent a half-day on the beach just a few meters from the hotel and another half on the small swimming pool at the back of the hotel.

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Alanya’s Restaurants and Cafes you have to see!

We had all-inclusive in our hotel, so we did not need to visit restaurants per se besides our hotel restaurant. Alanya has plenty of restaurants for each individual taste in food and entertainment.

Many street barkers are trying to hustle you to the restaurant. Some of them are quite entertaining, while most of them can be annoying. However, we politely declined their offers and continued our way without any fuss.

Best time to visit Alanya

We were not in the high season between July and August on our two visits to Alanya.

The first visit was in September, almost at the end of the summer season. However, the water was nice and still warm. We experienced only one rainy day.

The second visit was at the beginning of June when the start of the summer season is. The tourist workers were fresh and entertaining, bumping up the mood for the upcoming high season.

View over Alanya Kleopatra beach and the city from the castle

The high season in July and August are the best months to visit Alanya if you do not mind mingling among the crowd and hot temperatures (68-109°F or 20-43°C).

June and September are better options if you prefer less crowded streets and not too hot temperatures (59-100°F or 15-38°C) but warm enough seawater.

Costs of traveling in Alanya

We have created a budget estimate that might be helpful while planning your own trip to Turkey.

USD ($) – Budget

  • Hotel: 12 - 35 USD / night
  • Price per meal: 3.4 - 8.5 USD
  • Rent a car: 37 - 62 USD / day
  • Gas: (Diesel) 1.49 USD per litre
  • Road Toll: HGS system

EUR (€) – Budget

  • Hotel: 10 - 33 EUR / night
  • Price per meal: 3.2 - 8 EUR
  • Rent a car: 35 - 60 EUR / day
  • Gas: (Diesel) 1.42 EUR per litre
  • Road Toll: HGS system

GBP (£) – Budget

  • Hotel: 8.5 - 25 GBP / night
  • Price per meal: 2.7 - 7 GBP
  • Rent a car: 30 - 50 GBP / day
  • Gas: (Diesel) 1.2 GBP per litre
  • Road Toll: HGS system

Kursunlu Waterfalls in Turkey blue water colors

We wish you an epic trip!

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